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About Us

Professionals with over 30 years of experience in the aeronautical sector.

Our Core consists of highly qualified young professionals, with diverse and wide-ranging backgrounds.

Together, we are dedicated to providing for the market a high-quality product with advanced technological capabilities.

We serve various Key Sectors for society

The use of drones has resulted in greater precision and lower probability of errors in agriculture. With the use of drones and specific software, an expert ensures greater yield of agricultural activity through soil analysis services, fertilizer application, area productivity analysis, identification of possible pests, and guidance for sowing and harvesting planning. In agriculture, drones are used for monitoring and developing crops with better precision, solving their needs and increasing productivity. Using different cameras, it is possible to obtain hyperspectral and multispectral images.

Wide autonomy, technology and reliability for various necessities.

AdTech has great autonomy solutions, reaching long distances and being able to operate for many uninterrupted hours, in automatic or autonomous mode. Our company offers drones with different cameras (day/night), and has software developed for use in private and public surveillance.

 In addition to high-autonomy drones, high-definition cameras, and software developed for special pre-programmed route standards, AdTech provides technology capable of intercepting cellular signals from devices on the ground being flown over, thus aiding in the location of victims of major disasters, tracking lost individuals in remote locations, or rescuing victims of accidents in hard-to-reach areas.

The use of new technologies has become essential to cover large lands and our drones have come to revolutionize the way in which borders are being monitored and policed. Our Harpia drone offers great autonomy, it can fly for long distances being able to operate for many uninterrupted hours automatically or autonomously.

Drones are true allies in the construction industry, providing more agility to reduce costs and to control safety in hard-to-reach locations.

Our drones allow the early detection of potential problems such as cracks or other nonconformities, eliminating the necessity of ladders, scaffolding, or other devices that would require more time and operational risk.

Why choose us?

A startup focused on the manufacture of high-performance UAV, with technology know-how

100% brazilian company

Advanced Technologies is a genuinely Brazilian company that is bringing for the international market innovative solutions, seeking to serve clients which need a complete monitoring and surveillance system to optimize their activities, saving time, human and material resources.

Your sucess, Our goal

Our products are based in high-tech innovated drones, tailored for your need and planned for a better cost-benefit ratio.

Highly Qualified Team

Our team is highly qualified and diversified, having a core group where its members have, individually, more than 30 years working in aeronautical industry. It is a team of extremely competent professionals, with the common goal to provide a high quality and technological level.

Our Main Product


Long-range and multi-purpose drone, with an excelent performance, , approved by the brazilian Ministry of Justice for Public Security purposes.