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AdTech and Avibras sign MoU in joint project HARPIA - ASTROS.​

In July of this year (2023), the companies AVIBRAS and ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES established a partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Based on this partnership, Avibras can provide its clients with the capability to locate targets, adjust and instantly correct the firing of their artillery systems. This capability is provided by the intelligent payload control software integrated into the HARPIA UAV as a part of one of its subsystems.

Such joint work will take place in practice by inserting the Harpia aircraft within one of the subsystems that make up the ASTROS Multiple Missile and Rocket Launch System. Through this integration, Harpia enhances target identification and observation, enabling a more precise application of Avibras’ artillery products.

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Avibras is a Brazilian company with over 60 years of successful operation, primarily in the Defense sector. It is known for producing ASTROS, a ground-to-ground artillery system for missile and rocket launch, which is utilized by several Armed Forces around the world.

Advanced Technologies SD is a Brazilian technology company that offers innovative solutions to the Brazilian and global markets, particularly in the security and defense sector. Its flagship product, HARPIA, is a high-performance, multi-role UAV with the most advanced onboard technology in the southern hemisphere.

With HARPIA’s ability to correct the firing of various types of curved weaponry, Avibras can provide its customers with an economically viable and effective means of observation and firing correction. This enables unparalleled precision and efficiency when combined with the ASTROS systems.

This partnership between genuinely Brazilian companies showcases the capability to operate in both the national and international security and defense markets.

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