Ground-based active radar

A robust and compact AESA radar

Atalaia is an active electronically scanned array (AESA) ground-based radar for automatic detection and tracking of moving ground and air targets, including small unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).


Operation and area

It works creating a 45° circular sector with 6 km detection range for each radar unit. A Control Center Unit can operate up to 8 radars, creating a 360° monitored area with a 6km detection range.


Operation Frequency Band
Operation Mode
Monopulse - Radar Doppler
Drone detection range
100-3000 m
Drone detection range (with amplifier)
6000 m
Power consumption
300 W
Operating voltage
Overall dimensions (W × H × D)
36 cm × 72,5 cm × 18 cm
Weight (without tripod)
12 kg