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Long range and high-performance drone

The UAV with the most technology OnBoard in Latin-America

The HARPIA is a brazilian produced, high-performance and compact system that stands out for its modularity and effectiveness.

The HARPIA complex is a produced, high-performance compact system that stands out for its modularity and effectiveness. In fact, it is a multifunctional complex using a UAV platform.

It can be used for long-range monitoring, surveillance of areas dominated by criminal factions, forest and environmental monitoring to prevent wildfires, land grabbing and deforestation. It can also be used for border patrols to prevent smuggling, and search and rescue operations due to its ability to detect cellphones by their coordinates. 

Main Certifications

Optical zoom

With a moving target tracking function, together with a high optical zoom capability, it is an excellent camera for monitoring roads, borders, whether land or sea.


Thermal Imager (LWIR)

The Epsilon cameras that boards our UAV, have Thermal camera for support in night operations.


Active Ground-based radar


A great and compact detection radar.

Atalaia is an active ground-based radar for automatic detection and tracking of movingground and aerial targets, including small unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). 

Area and operation

It works creating a 45º circular sector with a detection range up to 3 km for each radar unit. A single Control Center can operate up to 8 radars creating a 360º area for detection, with 3 km detection range range


Operating frequency range
Operating mode
Monopulse - Doppler Radar
UAV detection range
100-3000 m
Power consumption
Operating supply voltage range
Overall dimensions (W × H × D)
36 cm × 72,5 cm × 18 cm
Weight (without tripod)


Mobile Anti-drone system.


A new high performance system.​

SIMAD is an Anti Drone System that is easy to handle, transport and assemble, designed to neutralize short-range UAVs by receiving radio control and satellite signals.

Area and operation

Creates a dome of 3 km radius (with unidirectional antennas), suppressing any signal from the UAV’s Satellite Navigation System (SNS).


  • Operation in automatic and semi-automatic mode

  • Automatically searches, detects and determines the direction of the drone

  • Technical analysis of signals, including detection of the type of transmission and determination of the main parameters of the signals recognition necessary for the production of interference.

  • Radio suppression of control channels and satellite signal receivers on board UAVs.

  • Distortion of the navigation field.

Coverage radius

  • 3 km

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