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Netflix Series “Fauda” features eletronic warfare systems​

The series “Fauda” (Netflix) is an Israeli production that features scenes with the use of UAVs of in military conflicts and security operations in its fourth season, specifically in episodes 5, 8, and 10. Among these scenes, some portray how the intelligence sector engages in data interception, including facial recognition, sending and receiving SMS text messages, phone calls, and other situations.

Today, it is possible with software systems and surveillance equipment, to find cellular signals with high precision. This capability is crucial because, in scenarios involving kidnapping or disasters, such systems allow us to locate people in situations where every second matters to resolve the situation with the lowest possible risk.

The use of drones for monitoring and searching for vehicles on highways is depicted in a scene from the series "Fauda," - Available on Netflix.

It’s important to emphasize that, even though these technologies exist, they are at the level of law enforcement and military applications, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for malicious individuals to use them.

However, what relevance does this topic hold for AdTech? It’s actually quite relevant: our HARPIA UAV is primarily designed for the public safety sector, and as such, it’s equipped with advanced surveillance systems, employing both optical and radio-based methods.

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The HARPIA is equipped with monitoring modules similar to those demonstrated in the Israeli series. These modules are exclusive to the Defense and Public Security Forces.

The HARPIA aircraft has been equipped with electromagnetic spectrum monitoring modules, similar to what was demonstrated in the Israeli series. These modules are exclusive to the Defense and Public Security Forces.

As a result, the HARPIA has the capability to triangulate radio and cellular signals, enabling the localization of objects, individuals, and even vehicles. Therefore, it serves as a crucial tool that can be deployed in different situations, including natural disasters like landslides and providing support in rescuing kidnapped individuals or those lost in dense forests.

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