Advanced Technologies Security & Defense

Who We Are

Advanced Technologies is a Brazilian startup that has been standing out in the market with innovative solutions, aiming to serve clients who require a complete monitoring and surveillance system in order to optimize their activities, saving time, human and material resources.

Our products are based on high-performance drones, designed and planned for a better cost-benefit.

The Team

Our team is highly qualified and diverse, having a core with the members that individually have over 30 years of experience in the aeronautical industry. This core group is composed by a team of extremely competent professionals with diverse and comprehensive education.

Together, we are committed to providing the international market with a high-quality product with advanced technological capabilities.


To provide to the market, high-end  equipment, combining quality and technology with a simplified operation. 


To become a market leader in the technology equipment industry, always with innovative products.


Our values ​​are: trust, respect, integrity, humanity and teamwork always based on the relationship with our customers.